The Agile Messaging Service

Begin with ALXI's SMS API​s​ ​​​o​r choose SMPP for higher volume ​sending.

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The Pitch

Having delivered over 1 billion SMS to date, we're often asked "what's next?".

SMS stands for "Short Message Service" but we think it's more like, "Simple Message Service". SMS is now a commodity​. Whatever route your messages take, they typically end up at the major carriers for delivery.

So, our mission​ ​is two fold: To provide​ you with​​ ​fantastic SMS ​API​s​​​ and unparalleled​ SMS messaging rates. By connecting to a variety of upstream ​carriers, ​SMS aggregators and​ utilising our own in-house​ network​ infrastructure we have some ​"​weird and wonderful​"​ ways to ensure your messages deliver when you want them to.​ All without breaking the bank.

ALXI (or "Alexi" as we say it) gets its name from combining the first two letters of the Greek numeral "ALpha" which has a value of 1 plus the Greek numeral "XI" which has a value of 60. How many characters are in an SMS? 160 :).

What We Do

1. Our ​​SMS API​s​

Our SMS AP​Is enable​​ you to integrate ​messaging into your ​application within minutes and not days. Outbound​ messaging​, inbound ​messaging ​or​ two-way messaging. The choice is yours.


SMS ​aggregators and​​ ​higher​ volume​ sender​s can​ connect to us in seconds via the industry standard protocol, SMPP.

3. Web Portal

Smaller ​volume ​senders​ can ​upload messages in a CSV file ​format, ​or send one-off​s​.

4. Pre-defined Routing

We work with you to figure out what you need. Whether it's delivery in seconds or non-time​-​critical sends, we adapt our routing to suit you. Need a branded sender ID? Want to pay on delivered and not submitted? We have options.

5. Delivery

Prioritise your ​messages so mission critical ​notifications are delivered first. By offering you ​multiple levels of priority, we enable you to ​"​jump​"" your own queue. Perfect for running marketing campaigns and sending ​time-critical notifications ​all ​at the same time​,​ all via the same account.

6. Reporting

We believe in knowing the outcome of every message sent. It doesn't make sense to keep​ on wasting money by sending to inactive ​mobile ​numbers​.​ By providing you with delivery reports​ - and in most cases handset acknowledgements - you are able to analyse the quality of your data and strip out the bad stuff for next time.